Staple Pigeon x Coca-Cola

The Staple x Coca Cola collection has been divided into two stories. For the first story, they wanted to focus on Coca Cola’s iconic heritage, utilizing familiar branded logos and their “Dynamic Wave”, synonymous with the Atlanta-based beverage giant. They wanted to keep the Staple branding to a minimum to showcase Coca Cola’s classic blueprints, but construct the pieces in their signature silhouettes with clean prints, heavy embroideries, more refined fabrics, all with a significant attention to details. 

For the second story, they dug into Coca Cola’s archive and wanted to create a more fun, colorful offering, utilizing the “Coke” moniker. Pulling archival Pop Arts ads throughout Coca Cola’s history, creating a collection that exhibits the brands extensive range of advertisements and artistic direction, arranging all the elements with their trademark Staple approach and techniques.