mastermind WORLD

Founder Masaaki Homma launched Mastermind WORLD as a sub-line of Mastermind JAPAN. Mastermind WORLD has created a cult-like following with its mysterious and dark demeanor. The high-end streetwear label is recognized as a luxury brand which is making use of the best high-quality fabrics in the world. Every piece is produced extremely exclusive with incredible attention to detail. The brand can often be found using its signature motifs of skulls and crossbones. The story goes that Homma drew over 1,000 different skeleton skulls before finalizing the skull logo that we see today on the brand. 

Mastermind World’s AW20 collection Scene.5 EUPHORIA is build around mystery and darkness with a variety of Fall/Winter apparel. Featuring a dark and euphoric theme, the latest capsule collection includes Mastermind's iconic skull logo in monogram pattern which can be found on every design piece such as the jeans jacket and jeans pants seen below. 

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